Names first, Ricardo!

Portuguese. Avid learner. Breaking Bad die hard fan.

My name is João. I am 21 years old, currently finishing my degree in Economics at University of Minho and highly expectant of what the future holds. You will most likely find me engaged in highly ambitious projects, while challenging myself and others around me.

My passion for design has its roots in the first Wordpress theme I installed - oh, those times I lost myself in .php files - and then it evolved to my understanding of design as a problem solving approach, focused on people's needs.

My I'll-always-feel-like-a-newbie mindset creates opportunities like these, where we can chat and share experiences and learn from each other with a couple of beers on the table - by the way, big beer fan here.

The reason why I need you.

I feel a gap, definitely.

This gap is represented by three main topics I need to solve.

1. A lack of guidance concerning my future & opportunities - weight pros and cons about new challenges and their relevance for my future.

2. External reflection space about my experiences - stop, look around and take a look back at what I've learned so far; ask for insightful and expert advice.

3. Orientation on design processes - learning and putting to practice more hardskills.

Not beauty - but you still kill it.

I understood a mentor can be anyone, Ricardo.

As long as this person can add value to my growth, yes, there you go, a mentor.

Now this person can be as gorgeous as you are. Putting that essential aspect on the side for a minute, this person may be:

-- highly passionate about building people and digital products
-- helpful in my key decisions
-- insightful in the digital product design industry
-- a critical thinker and able to apply that thinking to my work
-- a natural challenger both for me and self
-- transparent feedback giver

This could be us.

If you're willing to take the challenge, let's schedule a Skype call!

On the other hand, if you really cannot do it right now, let's not lose touch, ye? You can always find me on Twitter or Facebook. Also, shoot me an e-mail to juauzaraujo[at] if you prefer.

Let's talk!